Stanley hydraulic breakers



AJ Air & Hydraulic Repair can handle your hydraulic repair needs 24/7  365 days a year.

Stanley Hydraulic Hammer & Breaker Repair Services

Experiencing broken, busted, chipped, or a fractured piston, or maybe a tie rod in your hydraulics hammer & breaker system is not working properly due to a gas hose shaking fiercely or just tired of having downtime due to hydraulic hammer & breaker equipment failure then AJ Air & Hydraulics is your hydraulic equipment repair partner.

Our in-depth knowledge and verified experience with repair, rebuilding of hammer & breakers makes AJ Air & Hydraulics a highly valuable and trusted partner when you need professionals to service and repair your hydraulic hammer & breakers equipment.

If you are looking for hammer & breaker repair service, then you want to choose a company that has a reputation and history of providing high quality hydraulic repair service.

AJ Air & Hydraulics goal is to treat your hydraulic hammer & breaker repair job as a top priority and work to ensure we can provide you with fast results and minimize any unnecessary delays.

Ensuring that your demo or street repair jobs are completed on time at high efficiency.
Our focus is to ensure your hydraulic hammer & breaker will meet or exceed OEM specifications and functions correctly to its original manufacturer’s requirements.

hydraulic breaker repair houston, tx

You can trust the hydraulic hammer & breaker repair specialists at AJ Air & Hydraulic.

AJ Air & Hydraulic is a hydraulic hammer & breaker repair service company in Houston, TX serving many industries such as:

  • Industrial
  • Offshore
  • Land drilling
  • Subsea
  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction
  • Plants
  • Coal
  • Dredging
  • Marine
  • Ship Building
  • Mining
  • Pipeline
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Manufacturing
  • Fracking
  • Cranes
  • Steel Mills
  • Chemical
  • Robotics

AJ Air & Hydraulic Guarantee to Excellence

Best Quality Hydraulic Hammer & Breaker Repair Services

Rest assured all your hydraulic repair, rebuild and manufacturing jobs are covered under our 1-year warranty on all repairs and manufacturing. It is our “Top Priority” to ensure we meet all safety standards and manufacturers requirements when testing, repairing, rebuilding and restoring all your hydraulic systems to high performance levels.

Our expert level technicians have a combined 30 years of experience in hydraulic systems, design, manufacturing, service and repair. Our facility & personnel have the capacity and capability to repair, re-manufacture any hydraulic Hammer & Breaker that we handle.

In case of serious emergency our expert repair team is available 24/7 days a week 365 days per year in order to handle any hydraulic repair job you may need done on a moment’s notice.

AJ Air & Hydraulic repairs most makes and models of hydraulic Hammer & Breaker such as:

Allied Models, Allied AR110B, Allied AR120B, Allied AR130B, Allied AR140,Allied AR140B,Allied AR160C, Allied AR165 ,Allied AR170C ,Allied AR175, Allied AR180,Allied AR205,Allied AR48,Allied AR70B , Allied AR70C , Allied AR75B , Allied AR85B , Allied AR95 , Allied AS342 , Allied AS352 , Allied AS362 , Allied AS370 , Allied AS380 , Allied BR1533 , Allied BR1655 , Allied BR2155 , Allied BR333 , Allied KXB460 , Allied BR555 , Allied BR825 , Allied BR999 , Allied HORAM250, Allied HORAM300 ,Allied HORAM7000, Allied HORAM7000B ,Allied HR025 ,Allied HR0400 ,Allied HR0500, Allied HR500 ,Allied HR1000 ,Allied HR1200 ,Allied HR230 ,Allied HR270 ,Allied HR290 ,Allied HR300 ,Allied HR330 ,Allied HR390, Allied HR50, Allied HR560, Allied HR60 ,Allied HR600 ,Allied HYRAM65,Allied HYRAM75 ,Allied HYRAM700,Allied HM50,Allied HM53, Allied HYRAM710,Allied HYRAM710B,Allied HYRAM711,Allied HM60 ,Allied  YRAM711B,Allied HM85,Allied AR62 ,Allied HYRAM715, Allied HM130,Allied HM135 ,Allied HYRAM720,Allied HM110,Allied HM100 ,Allied HYRAM725,Allied HYRAM725B,Allied HM170,Allied HM185,Allied HM190 ,Allied HYRAM725,Allied HM185 ,Allied HYRAM730,Allied HM300,Allied HM301 ,Allied HYRAM735CS,Allied HM350,Allied HM500 ,Allied HYRAM740,Allied HM550,Allied HM560, Allied HYRAM745CS, Allied HM580 ,Allied HYRAM750,Allied HM700, Allied HM701, Allied HYRAM750B, Allied HYRAM750CS,Allied HM710,Allied HM720 ,Allied HYRAM75,5CS, Allied HM780 ,Allied HYRAM77,Allied HM200 ,Allied HYRAM770,Allied HM900 ,Allied HYRAM770B, Allied HYRAM770CS, Allied HM950,Allied HM960 ,Allied HYRAM775CS,Allied HM1000MV ,Allied HYRAM780,Allied HM1300 ,Allied HYRAM785CS,Allied HM1500MV ,Allied HYRAM790, Allied HYRAM795,Allied HM1800,Allied HM2000 ,Allied HYRAM797CS,Allied HM2100,Allied HM2300 ,Allied HYRAM800,Allied HYRAM805,Allied HM2500MV,Allied HM2600 ,Allied HYRAM88,Allied HYRAM8801,Allied HM600,Allied HM601 ,Allied HYRAM905,Allied HM4000 ,Allied HYRAM99 ,Allied RAPID RAM33

Arrowhead Models,Arrowhead S10 ,Arrowhead S100 ,Arrowhead S130 ,Arrowhead S180 ,Arrowhead S20 ,Arrowhead S230 ,Arrowhead S30 , Arrowhead S30,Arrowhead MK3 ,Arrowhead S330 ,Arrowhead S40 ,Arrowhead S450 ,Arrowhead S50 ,Arrowhead S60 ,
Arrowmaster Models, Arrow Master 1350T, Atlas Copco Models, Atlas Copco ES60,

Atlas Models, Atlas Copco ES70 , Atlas Copco ES80 , Atlas Copco HB10000, Atlas Copco HB2000 ,Atlas Copco HB2500,Atlas Copco EC155 , Atlas Copco HB3600 ,Atlas Copco HB4700 ,Atlas Copco HB7000, Atlas Copco HB5800 , Atlas Copco HBC6000 , Atlas Copco MB1000,Atlas Copco HM680 ,Atlas Copco MB1500,Atlas Copco EC135 T, Atlas Copco MB750, Atlas Copco EC100 T, Atlas Copco SB52 , Atlas Copco SB552 ,
Atlas Copco SBC610, Atlas Copco SBC650, Atlas Copco SB300, Atlas Copco SB302, Atlas Copco SBU340, Atlas Copco TEX110H, Atlas Copco SBC255, Atlas Copco SB150,Atlas Copco SB152, Atlas Copco SBU160, Atlas Copco SBC225 , Atlas Copco TEX1400H, Atlas Copco HBC2500 , Atlas Copco TEX1800, Atlas Copco TEX2000H, Atlas Copco HBC4000 , Atlas Copco TEX180H, Atlas Copco SBC410,
Atlas Copco SB200, Atlas Copco SB202, Atlas Copco SBU220, Atlas Copco TEX250H, Atlas Copco TEX250HS1, Atlas Copco TEX30H, Atlas Copco SBC60, Atlas Copco SB50 , Atlas Copco TEX400H, Atlas Copco TEX450, Atlas Copco SBC800, Atlas Copco SBC850, Atlas Copco SB450, Atlas Copco SB452 , Atlas Copco TEX600, Atlas Copco TEX700, Atlas Copco TEX702, Atlas Copco TEX900H, Atlas Copco HBC1100, Atlas Copco HBC1700 , Atlas Copco TEX75, Atlas Copco TEX80, Atlas Copco TEX100H, Atlas Copco TEXSBC100, Atlas Copco TEX115, Atlas Copco SB100,Atlas Copco SB102,

Balderson Models, Balderson H110,Balderson B110 ,Balderson H110E (FS110), Balderson H115E (FS115) ,Balderson H120E S ,Balderson H130ES (FS130) ,Balderson H140 ,Balderson H140E (FS140), Balderson H160 ,Balderson H160ES, Balderson H170, Balderson B170 ,Balderson H180Ds,Balderson H180ES (FS180) ,Balderson H180S ,Balderson H190 (FS190) ,Balderson H195 ,Balderson H30 ,
Balderson H35DS, Balderson H45DS , Balderson H55DS , Balderson H65DS ,Balderson H75E (FS750) ,Balderson H95ES (FS950),

Bobcat Models, Bobcat B1200, Bobcat B1400 , Bobcat B850, Bobcat B950 , Bobcat BRP30, Bobcat B300 , Bobcat BRP45, Bobcat BRP50, Bobcat B500 , Bobcat BRP60, Bobcat BRP70, Bobcat B600, Bobcat B700 , Bobcat HB1180, Bobcat HB2380 , Bobcat HB280 ,Bobcat HB380 , Bobcat HB580 , Bobcat HB680 , Bobcat HB880 , Bobcat HB980 , Bobcat MB05 , Bobcat MB125, Bobcat MB1250, Bobcat MB105 , Bobcat MB1560, Bobcat MB15614, Bobcat MB2500, Bobcat MB2560, Bobcat MB2570, Bobcat MB3500, Bobcat MB3560, Bobcat MB3570 , Bobcat MB506, Bobcat MB5060, Bobcat MB550, Bobcat MB5500, Bobcat MB5560 , Bobcat MB656, Bobcat MB675, Bobcat MB695, Bobcat MB6560,

Boohung Models, Boohung BH1600, Boohung BH200 , Boohung HSP1000, Boohung HSP1500 , Boohung HSP3250 , Boohung HSP6250 , Boohung HSP750 ,Boohung HSP8250 ,Boohung SPK200, Breakers & Drills Models, B&D 100, B&D 75, B&D 750, Bretec Models, Bretec C2,Bretec L20, Bretec L30, Bretec M15, Bretec M17, Bretec M5, Bretec M7, Brokk Models, Brokk 50, Brokk SBS50, Brokk SBC60, Brokk TEX30H,

BTI Models, BTI BT110 , BTI BT1710, BTI BT8000 ,BTI BT410,BTI BT1000, BTI BT1000B, BTI BX10 ,BTI BT510, BTI BT1400, BTI BX15 , BTI BT5500, BTI BT710, BTI BX20, BTI BT2000, BTI BT810, BTI BT3500, BTI BT3500B, BTI BX30 , BTI BT910, BTI BT4000, BTI BX40 , BTI BX4 , BTI BX8, BTI BT310, BTI BT750, BTI BXR100, BTI BXR120 , BTI BXR50 ,BTI BXR65 , BTI BXR85 , BTI TB100 , BTI TB120, BTI TB125, BTI TB135 , BTI TB1280 , BTI TB1300 ,BTI TB1425, BTI TB1625, BTI TB1625X, BTI TB1675, BTI TB1305, BTI TB1430, BTI TB1630,
BTI TB1680 , TI TB180, BTI TB225, BTI TB235, BTI TB1825, BTI TB2075x, BTI TB2010 , BTI TB2080 , BTI TB220, BTI TB325, BTI TB335 , BTI TB2225X, BTI TB2575 , BTI TB245 , BTI TB2580 , BTI TB275, BTI TB285 , BTI TB400, BTI TB400X,BTI TB425,BTI TB425X, BTI TB625,BTI TB625X, BTI TB550 , BTI TB700, BTI TB700X, BTI TB725,BTI TB725X, BTI TB750, BTI TB825, BTI TB700, BTI TB700X, BTI TB725, BTI TB725X, BTI TB750, BTI TB825 , BTI TB705, BTI TB730X, BTI TB830X , BTI TB900, BTI TB925, BTI TB950X, BTI TB975X,
BTI TB1025X, BTI TB905, BTI TB930, BTI TB955, BTI TB980, BTI TB1030, BTI TR100 , BTI TR200, BTI TR200X, BTI TR400, BTI TR400X, BTI TR602M, BTI TR602X , BTI TR700, BTI TR700X, BTI VZ50 , BTI VZ85,

Cal Models, CAL 11000, CAL 3200, CAL 450, CAL 4500, CAL 550, CAL 750,CAL 8000,

Case Models, Case CB1450 , Case CB150, Case CB1150, Case CB2850 , Case CB3750 , Case CB400,
Case CB4000, Case CB45, Case CB200, Case CB550, Case CB5200, Case CB65, Case CB370, Case CB735. CAT Models, CAT H110, CAT B110 ,CAT H110E (FS110), CAT H115E (FS115), CAT H120E S , CAT H130ES (FS130) , CAT H140 , CAT H140E (FS140), CAT H160 , CAT H160ES, CAT H170, CAT B170 ,CAT H180Ds, CAT H180ES (FS180), CAT H180S , CAT H190 (F,S190) CAT H195 , CAT H30 , CAT H35DS, CAT H45DS , CAT H55DS , CAT H65DS , CAT H75E (FS750), CAT H95ES (FS950),

Chicago Pneumatic Models, Chicago Pneumatic CP200 Chicago Pneumatic RX18,Chicago Pneumatic RX25, Comet Models,Comet CM30,Comet CM90, Contech Models, Contech Mini Ram 125, Contech Big Ram 200, Contech HD-3, Contech HD-6,


D & A Models, D & A 100V , D & A 150V , D & A 180V , D & A 220, D & A 220V, D & A 250V , D & A 300V ,D & A 360V , D & A 450V , D & A 550V , D & A 60V , D & A 700, D & A 70V , D & A 750V , D & A 80V , D & A V8, Daemo Models, Daemo HDB360, Daemo S3600V, Dianong-DNB Models, Dianong- DNB D110, Dianong- DNB D130, Dianong- DNB D60, Ditch Witch Models,

Doosan Models, Doosan 125SX , Doosan BRH125 , Doosan BRH250, Doosan BRH270, Doosan BRH400, Doosan BRH450,Doosan BRH470, Doosan BRH490,Doosan BRH40 , Doosan BRH501, Doosan BRH570 , Doosan BRH620 , Doosan BRH625, Doosan BRHM900, Doosan BRH75, Doosan BRH76, Doosan BRH90, Doosan BRH91 , Doosan BRH750 , Doosan BRM 700 , Doosan BRM300, Doosan BRMSC50, Doosan BRM600 , Doosan BRP130, Doosan BRP140, Doosan BRP150 , Doosan BRP45, Doosan BRP50 , Doosan BRP85, Doosan BRP95, Doosan BRP100, Doosan BRV32, Doosan BRV950,Doosan BRV1200, Doosan BRV42, Doosan BRV43, Doosan BRV42-3, Doosan BRV53, Doosan BRV52-,3 Doosan DXB100H, Doosan DXB170H , Doosan N8000 , Doosan SC42 , Doosan V1600, Doosan V1800 , Doosan V2500 , Doosan V3500 , Doosan V45, Doosan V46, Doosan BRV45, Doosan BRV46 , Doosan V4500 , Doosan V55, Doosan V56, Doosan BRV55, Doosan BRV56 , Doosan V65, Doosan BRV65, Doosan XL26DXB260H, Doosan Z96, Dynatech Models, Dynatech 655, Dynatech EX216, Dynatech TB280D, Dynatech TB580D,

Esco Models, Esco ES14, Esco ES16, Esco ES18, Esco ES20, Esco ES30, Esco ES35, Esco ES80,

Everydigm Models, Everdigm RHB 320 , Everdigm RHB301-V, Everdigm RHB302, Everdigm RHB303-V, Everdigm RHB303 , Everdigm RHB304 , Everdigm RHB305-V, Everdigm RHB306 , Everdigm RHB308-2, Everdigm RHB309, Everdigm RHB310 , Everdigm RHB313, Everdigm RHB314-V, Everdigm RHB317 , Everdigm RHB322, Everdigm RHB323, Everdigm RHB325, Everdigm RHB328-2, Everdigm RHB330, Everdigm RHB340 , Everdigm RHB350 , Everdigm RHB370,

Furukawa Models, Furukawa FX25 , Furukawa FX275, Furukawa FX375 , Furukawa FX45 , Furukawa FX475 , Furukawa FXJ175,Furukawa FX175 , Furukawa KB2000, Furukawa KB2600 ,Furukawa KB555, Furukawa KB555 , Furukawa KB555, Furukawa KB999 , Furukawa KF100 , Furukawa KF12 , Furukawa KF19 , Furukawa KF22 , Furukawa KF27 , Furukawa KF3,Furukawa FX35, Furukawa KF35 ,
Furukawa KF4,Furukawa FX45,Furukawa KF45 , Furukawa KF5,Furukawa FX55, Furukawa KF6 , Furukawa KF70 , Furukawa KF9 Furukawa KHB100, Furukawa KHB1100, Furukawa KHB1300, Furukawa KHB1200, Furukawa KHB1500, Furukawa KHB15G , Furukawa KHB200 , Furukawa KHB20G , Furukawa KHB2G, Furukawa KF2,Furukawa FX25, Furukawa KHB30G, Furukawa KHB3G , Furukawa KHB400 , Furukawa KHB40G , Furukawa KHB50G , Furukawa KHB5G , Furukawa KHB700, Furukawa KHB8G,

General Breaker Models, General Breaker GB11T, General Breaker GB2T, General Breaker GB8AT,

Gorilla Models, Gorilla GHB114 , Gorilla GHB150 ,Gorilla GHB155, Gorilla GHB160 , Gorilla GHB155T23V, Gorilla GHB170B , Gorilla GHB175 ,Gorilla GHB3T , Gorilla GHB70A ,Gorilla GHB85 , Gorilla GX150-2,

Hammerco Models, Hammerco ZHB125G, Hammerco ZHB28,

hammermaster Models, Hammermaster HM100, Hammermaster HM100Q, Hammermaster HM1150, Hammermaster HM1200, Hammermaster HM1201, Hammermaster HM1205, Hammermaster JCB380, Hammermaster JCB460, Hammermaster JCB480, Hammermaster JCB560, Hammermaster JCB630, Hammermaster JCB690, Hammermaster JCB760, Hammeroc Models, Hammeroc HR30G,

Hanwoo Models, Hanwoo RHB 320, Hanwoo RHB301-V, Hanwoo RHB302, Hanwoo RHB303-V, Hanwoo RHB303, Hanwoo RHB304, Hanwoo RHB305-V, Hanwoo RHB306, Hanwoo RHB308-2, Hanwoo RHB309, Hanwoo RHB310 Hanwoo RHB313, Hanwoo RHB314-V, Hanwoo RHB317, Hanwoo RHB322, Hanwoo RHB323, Hanwoo RHB325, Hanwoo RHB328-2, Hanwoo RHB330, Hanwoo RHB340,Hanwoo RHB350, Hanwoo RHB370,

Hughes Models, Hughes 1000, Hughes 310,

Huskie Models, Huskie HH100, Huskie HH1000, Huskie HH1000-2, Huskie JB-10S, Huskie HH150, Huskie HH150-2, Huskie JB-1S, Huskie HH1500, Huskie HH2000 , Huskie JB-15 , Huskie HH300, Huskie HH300-2, Huskie JB-3S, Huskie HH3600, Huskie JB-21, Huskie HH4500, Huskie JB-27 ,Huskie HH500 , Huskie HH500-2, Huskie HH5800, Huskie JB33 , Huskie HH750, Huskie HH750-2,
Huskie JB-6S , Huskie HH8000, Huskie JB-40 ,

Hydra Ram Models, Hydra Ram SG2100, Hydra Ram SG3300, Hydra Ram SG350S, Hydra Ram SG400S, Hydra Ram SG5000,

Hydro Kahn Models, Hydro Kahn SG2100,Hydro Kahn SG3300, Hydro Kahn SG350S,Hydro Kahn SG400S, Hydro Kahn SG5000, Impulse Models,Impulse 360V,

Indeco Models, Indeco HB12, Indeco MES1200, Indeco MES1250, Indeco HP1500, Indeco HP1050, Indeco HP900 , Indeco HB19, Indeco MES1500, Indeco HP1800, Indeco HB5, Indeco MES452, Indeco MES462, Indeco MES521, Indeco MES550, Indeco HP750 , Indeco HB8 , Indeco HP16000, Indeco HP25000 , Indeco MES1000, Indeco HP1250, Indeco MES12000, Indeco MES121, Indeco MES150,
Indeco HP200 , Indeco MES1750, Indeco MES1800, Indeco HP2000, Indeco MES180, Indeco MES181, Indeco MES200, Indeco HP350 , Indeco MES2000, Indeco HB27, Indeco HP3000, Indeco MES2500, Indeco HP4000 , Indeco MES300, Indeco MES301, Indeco MES350, Indeco MES351, Indeco HP500 , Indeco MES3000, Indeco HP5000 , Indeco MES3500, Indeco HP5500 , Indeco MES4000, Indeco HP7500 ,
Indeco MES5000, Indeco HP8000 , Indeco MES553, Indeco MES523, Indeco HP1000, Indeco HP600 , Indeco MES601, Indeco MES621, Indeco MES650, Indeco HP1100 , Indeco MES601, Indeco MES621, Indeco MES650, Indeco HP1100, Indeco HP700 , Indeco MES7000, Indeco HP10000, Indeco HP12001 , Indeco MES8500, Indeco HP12000, Indeco HP13001,

Independent Breaker Models, Independent Breaker IB200, Independent Breaker IB300, Independent Breaker IB50,

Izumi Models, Izumi HH100 , Izumi HH1000, Izumi HH1000-2, Izumi JB-10S, Izumi HH150, Izumi HH150-2, Izumi JB-1S , Izumi HH1500 , Izumi HH2000, Izumi JB-15, Izumi HH300, Izumi HH300-2, Izumi JB-3S, Izumi HH3600, Izumi JB-21, Izumi HH4500, Izumi JB-27, Izumi HH500 , Izumi HH500-2, Izumi HH5800, Izumi JB33 , Izumi HH750, Izumi HH750-2, Izumi JB-6S, Izumi HH8000,
Izumi JB-40 , Izumi HH9500,

JCB Models, JCB HM100, JCB HM100Q, JCB HM1150 , JCB HM1200, JCB HM1201, JCB HM1205 , JCB JCB380 ,JCB JCB460 , JCB JCB480 , JCB JCB560 , JCB JCB630 , JCB JCB690 , JCB JCB760,

John Deere Models, John Deere HH60,


Kent Models, Kent FX25 ,Kent FX275 , Kent FX375 , Kent FX45 ,Kent FX475 ,Kent FXJ175, Kent FX175 , Kent KB2000, Kent KB2600 , Kent KB555 ,Kent KB555 , Kent KB555,Kent KB999 , Kent KF100 , Kent KF12 , Kent KF19 ,Kent KF22 , Kent KF27 , Kent KF3, Kent FX35, Kent KF35, Kent KF4 , Kent KF45 , Kent KF5 , Kent FX55 , Kent KF6 , Kent KF70, Kent KF9, Kent KHB100, Kent KHB10G , kent KHB1100, Kent KHB1300 , Kent KHB15G ,Kent KHB200 ,Kent KHB20G , Kent KHB2G, Kent KF2, Kent FX25, Kent KHB30G, Kent KHB3G , Kent KHB400 , Kent KHB40G , Kent KHB50G , Kent KHB5G , Kent KHB700 , Kent KHB8G,

Komac Models, Komac KB200 , Komac KB250 , Komac KB300 , Komac KB350 ,Komac KB400, Komac TOR13 , Komac TOR18S , Komac TOR23S , Komac TOR36S,Komatsu Models, Komatsu BH801, Komatsu BH900, Komatsu JKHB201, Komatsu PC03, Komatsu PC09,

Krupp Models, Krupp AR110B , Krupp AR120B , Krupp AR130B, Krupp AR140, Krupp AR140B, Krupp AR160C , Krupp AR165 , Krupp AR170C , Krupp AR175 , Krupp AR180 , Krupp AR205 , Krupp AR48 , Krupp AR70B , Krupp AR70C , Krupp AR75B ,Krupp AR85B ,Krupp AR95 , Krupp AS342 , Krupp AS352 , Krupp AS362 , Krupp AS370 , Krupp AS380 , Krupp BR1533 , Krupp BR1655 , Krupp BR2155 ,
Krupp BR333 , Krupp KXB460 , Krupp BR555 , Krupp BR825 ,Krupp BR999 , Krupp HORAM250, Krupp HORAM300 , Krupp HORAM7000 ,Krupp HORAM7000B ,Krupp HR025 , Krupp HR0400 , Krupp HR0500, Krupp HR500 , Krupp HR1000 , Krupp HR1200 , Krupp HR230 , Krupp HR270 , Krupp HR290 , Krupp HR300 , Krupp HR330 , Krupp HR390 , Krupp HR50 , Krupp HR560 , Krupp HR60, Krupp HR600 , Krupp HYRAM65, Krupp HYRAM75 , Krupp HYRAM700, Krupp HM50, Krupp HM53 ,Krupp HYRAM710, Krupp HYRAM710B, Krupp HYRAM711, Krupp HM60, Krupp HYRAM711B, Krupp HM85, Krupp AR62 , Krupp HYRAM715,
Krupp HM130, Krupp HM135 , Krupp HYRAM720, Krupp HM110, Krupp HM100 , Krupp HYRAM725,Krupp HYRAM725B, Krupp HM170, Krupp HM185, Krupp HM190 , Krupp HYRAM725, Krupp HM185, Krupp HYRAM730, Krupp HM300,Krupp HM301, Krupp HYRAM735CS, Krupp HM350, Krupp HM500 , Krupp HYRAM740, Krupp HM550, Krupp HM560, Krupp HYRAM745CS, Krupp HM580, Krupp HYRAM750, Krupp HM700, Krupp HM701 , Krupp HYRAM750B, Krupp HYRAM750CS, Krupp HM710, Krupp HM720 , Krupp HYRAM755CS,Krupp HM780, Krupp HYRAM77, Krupp HM200 ,Krupp HYRAM770, Krupp HM900 , Krupp HYRAM770B, Krupp HYRAM770CS, Krupp HM950, Krupp HM960 , Krupp HYRAM775CS, Krupp HM1000MV , Krupp HYRAM780, Krupp HM1300 , Krupp HYRAM785CS, Krupp HM1500MV , Krupp HYRAM790, Krupp HYRAM795,Krupp HM1800, Krupp HM2000 , Krupp HYRAM797CS, Krupp HM2100, Krupp HM2300 , Krupp HYRAM800, Krupp HYRAM805, Krupp HM2500MV, Krupp HM2600, Krupp HYRAM88, Krupp HYRAM8801,Krupp HM600 Krupp HM601 , Krupp HYRAM905, Krupp HM4000 , Krupp HYRAM99 , Krupp RAPID RAM33,

KT Grant Models, KT Grant LRC,

Kubato Models, Kubota KXB1400, Kubota KXB2000 , Kubota KXB310Q , Kubota KXB360Q , Kubota KXB460, Kubota KXB460S, Kubota KXB460Q , Kubota KXB560,

Kwanglim Models, Kwanglim SG2100 , Kwanglim SG3300 , Kwanglim SG350S , Kwanglim SG400S , Kwanglim SG5000,

Lifton Models, Lifton LH70, Lifton LH80,

Magnum Models, Magnum RHB 320, Magnum RHB301-V, Magnum RHB302,Magnum RHB303-V , Magnum RHB303 , Magnum RHB304 , Magnum RHB305-V, Magnum RHB306 ,Magnum RHB308-2, Magnum RHB309, Magnum RHB310 , Magnum RHB313, Magnum RHB314-V, Magnum RHB317, Magnum RHB322, Magnum RHB323, Magnum RHB325 , Magnum RHB328-2, Magnum RHB330 , Magnum RHB340 , Magnum RHB350 , Magnum RHB370,

Maruzen Models, Maruzen BH801, Maruzen BH900,

Maverick Models, Maverick HSP1000, Maverick HSP1500 , Maverick HSP3250 ,Maverick HSP6250 , Maverick HSP750 , Maverick HSP8250 ,Maverick SPK200,

Melroe Models, Melroe MB1050 , Melroe MB1200 , Melroe MB1500, Melroe MB1550 ,Melroe MB1850 , Melroe MB1950, Melroe MB1975 ,Melroe MB250, Melroe MB256, Melroe MB257, Melroe MB350, Melroe MB356, Melroe MB357 , Melroe MB2850, Melroe MB2875 ,Melroe MB2950, Melroe MB2975 , Melroe MB3700 , Melroe MB3900, Melroe MB3950 , Melroe MB40EX, Melroe MB40EXS, Melroe MBX208 ,
Melroe MB4900 , Melroe MB50, Melroe SB80 , Melroe MB556, Melroe MB557, Melroe MB5560, Melroe MB5570 , Melroe MB800, Melroe MB856, Melroe MB875, Melroe MB956 , Melroe MB956 , Melroe MBX258 , Melroe MBX458,

MKB Konan Models, MKB Konan MKB1200N, MKB Konan MKB1400 , MKB Konan MKB1500V , MKB Konan MKB150V ,MKB Konan MKB1700V , MKB Konan MKB2500V , MKB Konan MKB3000V , MKB Konan MKB500N , MKB Konan MKB900,

Montabert Models, Montabert 125SX , Montabert BRH125 , Montabert BRH250, Montabert BRH270, Montabert BRH400, Montabert BRH450, Montabert BRH470, Montabert BRH490 , Montabert BRH40 , Montabert BRH501, Montabert BRH570 , Montabert BRH620 , Montabert BRH625, Montabert BRHM900, Montabert BRH75, Montabert BRH76, Montabert BRH90, Montabert BRH91 ,Montabert BRH750 ,
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AJ Air & Hydraulic Equipment Repair Process

To ensure high performance and maintain customer satisfaction each hydraulic hammer & breaker received in for repair is immediately disassembled and components are quickly cleaned and inspected.

All hammer & breaker parts such as piston, front head, diaphragm, tie rod bolt, top bushings will be inspected for signs of wear and tear.

Finally, 100% of all hydraulic hammer & breakers are tested to ensure they are properly working and to detect any potential leaks or damage and are free of defect. Doesn’t matter if the repair job is for a reseal or complete rebuild, AJ Air & Hydraulic is here to help.

Hydraulic Equipment Repair Capabilities:

Typical steps that are in the repairing and rebuilding process to ensure hydraulic hammer & breakers are performing at high operational conditions are machining pistons, barrels, rods, glands and welding, mig and tig. Light and heavy honing of barrels, polishing the pistons, rods and glands. re-chroming rod and having a dedicated hydraulic test stand.

To help in streamlining the process of getting your hydraulic repair job done quickly as possible, we also stock, motors, pumps, values, and seal kits and have facilities with equipment to disassemble, machine, chrome plate, reassemble, inspect and test your hydraulic equipment.

Industry FAQ Questions:

  • Why do hydraulic hammers fail?

Typically hammers and breakers will go down when there is poor lubrication and rust from weathering and part malfunction.

  • What Causes Hydraulic Hammer Tools to Break?

Some of the most common causes of hammer breaker tools going down would be cold climates, blank-firing, side force and not enough lubrication.

  • How do you fix a hydraulic hammer breaker ?

Before you start repairing the hydraulic hammer , first begin by ensuring you have a clean surface area to work on and disconnect all hoses and plugs attached to the hammer . After all parts have been disconnected you will need to ensure that all fluids are properly drained.
Next you will need some specific tools to start the process of repairing the hydraulic system. Rubber mallet, proper seal kit, screwdriver, pliers, emery cloth, and torque wrenches are tools necessary for repairing hammers.

How to repair hydraulic hammers breakers:

  • Disassemble the hammer
  • Diagnosing the cause of failure
  • Repairing or replacing faulty components
  • Re-assembly the hammer

How much does it cost to repair a hydraulic hammer breaker?

That depends on several factors, we recommend an easy approach to getting a free repair quote.

The quote repair process is simple:

  • Call today or fill out the form on this page. We can tell you if we can repair your hammer.
  • Arrangements can be made to pick up or have the hammer(s) dropped off at the repair shop.
  • Disassemble and evaluate your hammer to determine the problem(s).
  • You will be contacted on what we have identified as issues and be provided a quote for repair and time frame of repair completion or inform you if we cannot repair your hammer(s).
  • Approve the repair request and begin work on your hammers(s).

Remember, trying to do the job yourself can be time consuming and expensive. Our mission here at AJ Air & Hydraulics is to help get your hydraulic equipment and systems repaired and get them up and running fast as possible to minimize any unnecessary downtime that can lead to additional costs.

Best Hydraulic Pneumatic Repair Shop in Houston, Tx

With over 30 years of experience in hydraulic repair, replacement and fabrication who better to repair your hydraulic hammer and breakers than AJ Air & Hydraulics Repair Shop in Houston, TX

Conveniently located at 3142 Westside Dr Pasadena, TX 77504. AJ Air & Hydraulic Repair is a one stop shop for all your hydraulic needs.

“After all, we believe that repairing a hammer breaker is less expensive than buying a new one.”

Pick up the phone and call 832-745-6465 today. We have service technicians able to answer any questions you may have

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